Established May 30, 1990 in Algonquin Illinois, we are a responsive, full service business engaged in the distribution of sealed lead acid batteries and related items to customers engaged in the security and electronics industries.  Our products are brought to market through manufacturers agents of the highest ethical standards and utmost professionalism.

With change becoming the only constant in the dynamic and globally competitive markets that all businesses face today, we feel that it is critically important that Union Battery Corporation continue to give our valued customers new too\s and new products that enhance our value as a battery supplier, while helping customers maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.  It is our role to keep abreast daily and to communicate this information to our customers.  The ability to stay informed and on the "cutting edge" is paramount to survival in today's business world.

To provide our customers, distributors and representatives with outstanding service of the highest professional and ethical standards, by being responsive to their needs and concerns and providing them with the best value in batteries and related products for their applications within the industry.

Union Battery Corp.
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